Saturday, 15 May 2010


After lunch today I made a quick trip to langdon cliffs to see what was about, quite a few butterflies were in evidence until a big black cloud put in an unwelcome appearance.Orangetips,green hairstreak,dingy skipper,small copper,peacock,speckled wood and an unidentified blue were all seen but the gloom brought an early end to the visit.As luck would have it this proved quite fortuitous,for on leaving the NTcar park a large bird of prey was circling over the valley.By the time Ihad parked and got my bins out it had drifted a bit further away but was clearly a Honey Buzzard,back in the car and a quick drive to a better vantage point and yes it had disappeared without trace as they frequently do.So a gloomy afternoon was  made considerably brighter,just like that.

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