Monday, 10 May 2010


Sorry its not what you think,39 years ago today when I was still a young man I took an early morning walk to northfall meadow near Bleriots memorial and across the military parade ground(now Jubilee Way) shining like a beacon in the early morning sun was a glorious male golden oriole,I saw two more in the same area later that week and have never seen another one in England.I did go to the cliffs this afternoon but there was no repeat needless to say,however there were some good butterflies about.Dingy skippers,clouded yellows,small coppers,an orangetip a peacock and the star was a green hairstreak.A pair of dingy skippers even allowed me to photograph their coupling.A small white was taking nectar from apple blossom and one of the small coppers was feeding on wayfaring flower.

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