Monday, 3 May 2010


May bank holiday should be warm and sunny but of course it wasnt,instead we had a day long deluge  on sunday (43mm) and a freezing cold northerly gale on monday.Having been confined to the ark yesterday Idecided to brave the elements on the cliffs this morning,Isoon realised that my normal walk to St Margrets would be fruitless and sought the more sheltered lower tramway below the NTbuilding .I was immediately rewarded when this superb male redstart was found feeding in the scrub there, patience was needed to get these shots but there  is seldom any disturbance here,so it was fairly easy.There was also a blackcap in the area and I found my first dingy skipper of the year so an unpromising start was soon forgotten.

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  1. What cracking find Phil, well done. I've still never seen a male, but should do at the end of June when we go to Wales.