Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Adonis in greek mythology was a youth beloved by Aphrodite,Mother Shipton was a yorkshire prophetess born in Knaresborough,however on sunday morning a beautiful blue butterfly,the adonis and a rather well marked moth called mother shipton were seen near each other on langdon cliffs.As well as these two there were lots of wall butterflies out and these two common blues were making love in the green grass,not behind the stadium though(brown eyed girl,Van Morrison).Small heath, was also seen,they as far as I know never rest with open wings but always closed.On the bird front the ravens appear to have moved on now but it was pleasing to see three peregrines I was becoming alittle concerned about them as they have not been seen as regularly as usual this month,plenty of swallows were still arriving but little else on the move.

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  1. Great stuff, love the Mother Shipton photo, one of the most inventive of our moth names