Saturday, 26 January 2013


A pair of Mandarin Ducks have taken up residence on the River Dour in the middle of Dover,very exotic looking,originating from China now living wild in many areas having escaped from private collections.
These wild White Fronted Geese were sighted at Dungeness,there have also been substantial flocks at Sandwich
These Barnacle geese were with the White Fronts at Dunge.
as was this Tufted duck
This feisty FIELDFARE has been terrorising the other birds in my garden during the snowy period.
A visit to Sandwich resulted in good views of Gadwall and this Coot prancing on ice.
A single goose flew in at the far side of the scrape and swam to the island where it began preening and resting,aTUNDRA BEAN GOOSE no less.
BLACK THROATED DIVER in the outer harbour, is it our long stay bird or another?
COMMON GULL ,there are hundreds in Dover Harbour at present

Three Bearded Tits were seen from the Lampen Wall at a snowy Stodmarsh

BEWICK SWANS on Walland Marsh There are now two distinct herds,must be 200 or more.

Friday, 18 January 2013


I have never been one for rushing around looking at rare birds that turn up but obviously keep records of what I`ve seen and am happy to see birds if I can locally and keep a year list of UK sightings like most birders,so far this year the tally is 115,all in East Kent and quite a lot in the Dover area.Single trips to Stodmarsh,Oare,Dungeness and Sandwich Bay have scored well too.
 RED BREASTED MERGANSER This female stayed around the granville dock area for a few days

DRAKE GOLDENEYE the only thing remotely close at Dungeness RSPB
COMMON SCOTER in the harbour last weekend
a pair were there on monday

FEMALE BLACKCAP very grateful for the apples put out in the garden.

Friday, 4 January 2013



Had to postpone my annual river dour walk until the 2nd this year with shepherding duties to be done on new years day.I think the 37 sheep at Samphire Hoe appreciated my company or was it just the bucket of sheep nuts after all?What a splendid day it was weatherwise,it certainly brought the crowds out.The ponds are full up and Lydden Spout is spewing out so much water it has created a mini Grand Canyon on the beach.


Someone said if you are tired of waxwings you are tired of life,so when half a dozen turned up at Whitfields World Domination Centre how could I resist the temptation? I couldn`t and didn`t.

The river Dour flowing from Bushy Ruff to the Wellington Dock usually throws up a few decent birds on the way but this year no kingfisher or water rail in evidence possibly the flow is too strong at present for them, only 6 grey wagtails this year about half of last years count ,2 chiff chaffs,only a single grey heron and that in the middle of town,3 goldcrests in Kearsney Abbey,the little egret has been around but not today,so it was a bit disappointing.
GREY WAGTAIL Kearsney Abbey
GREY HERON Pencester gardens
The black throated diver was still present as was the female red breasted merganser but only a single razorbill was seen and grebe and guillemot numbers were much reduced.