Wednesday, 25 August 2010


BLACK REDSTARTSCORPION FLYVIOLET HELLEBORINEV H FLOWERFLOWER with POLLINIAand fruit flyUnfortunately there was no repeat of last years hoopoe but a few warblers and wheatears were about along with at least  6 black redstarts and 2 common sandpiper.The day became increasingly windy but I managed a butterfly transect before the clouds bubbled up,wall brown, common blue,small heath,wall brown and a few each of small tortoishell,peacock and painted lady made up most of the count but a single hummingbird hawkmoth was most surprising given the current weather patterns.On the way home acting on a tip off from a botany snout a visit was made to Reinden wood where some helleborines had been found,after a little searching the quarry was found and after some deliberation named, rightly or wrongly as violet helleborine,Kingsdowner please confirm or not.Also seen were the nettle flowered bellflower and the nasty looking scorpion fly.In the evening made the trip to Gravesend to see the mighty Dover Athletic beat the home side with two really good goals either side of half time.Up and out fairly early this morning and headed for Langdon cliffs to see what goodies had arrived overnight,again a few willow warblers and whitethroats,a wheatear, some passage of martins,sand and house with swallows and a single juvenile cuckoo right on the cliff edge and a few blackcaps made up the notebook.On the return from the lighthouse a fresh adonis blue was seen and a pair of ravens were giving a free air show over the cliffs between Fan Bay and Langdon Bay.ADONIS BLUEJUV CUCKOO

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