Saturday, 4 September 2010


Last weekend was spent in Bremerhaven in the north of Germany visiting old friends and taking in the tall ships gathering there.It was an amazing spectacle,but the weather was wet wet wet from friday morning until  monday afternoon when we left for home..Friday afternoon was spent walking around the docks in the rain looking at the ships and dodging umbrellas,saturday afternoon did provide a small window of opportunity in between showers to take some photos but it was back to steady rain on sunday when a walk was taken around the headland at Cuxhaven.There were a couple of hundred eclipsed eiders in the bay atCuxhaven along with lots of swallows and martins,but the highlight of the birding was a flock of around 150 tree sparrows found at Spaden near to our base.On monday evening we came back to earth with a bump ,literally, when RYAN AIR dumped us on the runway at Stansted but at least it was dry.LOTH LORIENU BOAT WILHELM BAUERGOTHENBORG (SWEDEN)FIGUREHEAD GOTHENBORGGERMAN EAGLEAMERIGO VESPUCCI (ITALY)BOWSPRIT AMERIGO VESPUCCIMAINMAST A.V.ANOTHER STORM BREWINGRUSSIAN TRAINING SHIPTALL SHIPSBREMERHAVENS LEANING LIGHTDESERTED BEACH CUXHAVENCUXHAVEN BAY (in the rain)

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