Monday, 23 August 2010


When the weather brightened up today (monday) I felt the need to stretch my legs and as my SBBO draw tickets were due back, Sandwich was an obvious choice.The scrape was not very well populated today just a single common sandpiper,15 greenshank, half a dozen redshank,30 greylags .8 teal one little egret one mallard and the usual coots and moorhens.It is a fair step to Backsand as many have alluded to but the photographic opportunities there make the trip more than worthwhile even when there are few birds.This time last year the Hoopoe turned up at Samphire Hoe so expect a call tomorrow morning.

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  1. Backsand's getting a popular destination this year, as the birds conveniently wade in front of the hide.
    Great shots!