Wednesday, 11 August 2010


bombing runtarget spottedbomb doors openbombs awayWALL BROWNBROWN ARGUSCHALK HILL BLUES ON CARLINE THISTLE
Last thursday I set off for the cliffs with high hopes but it soon became obvious this would be a butterfly morning rather than a feast of migrant warblers,however my attention was drawn to a gull feeding frenzy just outside the harbour,Iassume a large shoal of herring had been found and as I watched the gulls were joined by about twenty gannets diving in for their share,pity it was too distant for any meaningful photos.Twenty species of butterfly were seen including brown argus and wall brown,holly blue and green veined white.Just beyond Fan Bay I spotted a young peregrine cruising along on the wind then circling round to run in again ,thinking he had spotted something to dive bomb,I trained my  camera on him the results were quite different!

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