Monday, 26 April 2010


Instead of coto donana it was stodmarsh ,and dungeness, minster and langdon cliffs last week,although very disappointed at not seeing great spotted cuckoos and imperial eagles I made do with a splendid courtship display by a pair of marsh harriers at stodmarsh, a fine flock of whimbrel at dungeness,swallows and house martins at minster and reed bunting and yellowhammer on the cliffs.The moth traps have been pretty quiet with only a nut tree tussock and a muslin moth new for the year.Checking my records for this year it is amazing I havent seen a single guillemot this winter and only one razorbill,has anyone else had similar experiences with auks?On the butterfly front have seen my first small copper and speckled wood this week.

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  1. Sorry you missed your flight, Phil! Maybe you can rebook for the return migration?

    Regarding auks, this has indeed been noted elsewhere, with hardly any flying downchannel in late winter. Some have blamed poor breeding, but there would still be adults around even then.