Monday, 20 December 2010


Whilst clearing the weekend snow from my car this morning I received a call from Richard Smith saying he had found a scaup in the Wellington dock.I have`nt seen a scaup in Dover harbour since 1971,so to say it is not a common sight here is not an understatement.An hour later I had located the bird  lurking between two pontoons in the inner marina.Asleep at first then waking and diving but always staying at a safe distance,however I managed a few half decent record shots thanks to the decent light,
SCAUP(adult female?)

Also diving vigorously under the swing bridge was a SHAG  which on studying the pics was ringed with a blue band on left leg bearing the letters USH.A characteristic of the shag is the leap out of the water as they dive.
A great crested grebe was in the dock too with two of his little cousins several moorhens and three coots. Asthis post is published it is snowing again so the sheep may be hard to see at  Samphire Hoe tomorrow.

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