Sunday, 18 July 2010


DARK GREEN FRITILLARY(with hitch hiker)Had a day up north on friday,well north of the medway anyway.Dene Park Tonbridge was the first venue,eventually,just off theA227 the info says,but of course its not that straightforward,so off to the town,got a map and the car park is not on the main road but on the minor road to Plaxtol.Best place for Purple Emperors in Kent and once the master oak is found sure enough my first sightings were made,though only in the air and in the upper reaches of the canopy.However one well worn individual did sit nicely just within range for a while.There were also plenty of white admirals to be seen and the odd silver washed fritillary as well as the more common species.Then with my best carbon footprint forward it was off to Lullingstone C.P. near Eynsford to see Dark Green Fritillary,I had been given directions by Fred Green at Dene Park,thanks Fred,where best to see them and sure enough there were several to be seen, most were well worn and faded but one was still in good nick and was quite confiding.DGFDGFDGFDGFDARENTH VALLEYLAVENDER FIELD

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  1. It's a lovely up north, isn't it.
    Mind you, be cafeful with the company you keep :-)