Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hothfield Common near Ashford is a KWT nature reserve with the last remnants of ancient bog and heath in the county.It is the home of the Keeled Skimmer dragonfly,Bog Asphodel and Sundew.Agood variety of birds and butterflies were also seen,including buzzard ,great spot and green woodpeckers,silver washed fritillary and small copper to name but a few.The only other humans I saw were dog walkers some even had their mutts under control.The site is grazed by highland cattle and konik horses,the latter being quite happy to be photographed.My first walk round was a little disappointing as very few dragonfles were out,but as the heat rose towards late morning the keeled skimmers came out to play,I placed a stick into the bog at the side of the boardwalk and within seconds they were using it as a convenient perch for both of us.It was very hot now and I retired to Samphire Hoe for my first swim of the year,cool,very cool.

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