Monday, 9 July 2018


Sorry its taken so long to get the promised Puffin fest posted but there were rather a lot of Puffin pictures to sort out.It was about 3 weeks ago now when we went to the Farne Islands,it was touch and go that we would get there as the weather was a bit windy and overcast.
However the Glad Tidings IV set off at the appointed time and we duly landed on Staple Island in the morning and Inner Farne in the afternoon.I must add it is becoming a bit of a circus since I first visited some 20 odd years ago, there is now a steady stream of boats going out to the islands all packed with tourists, it cost us 40 quid each with another landing fee of over 20 for non NT members, don`t think I will be going again.Anyway I digress,there were plenty of puffins for all to see and they didn`t seem to mind the intruders at all,unlike the Arctic Terns on Inner Farne but more of that later.
Here goes then the best of my Puffin photos coming up, if you get bored switch off please....

 Plenty of Sandeels coming in for the Pufflings.

That's all for now I will deal with the rest of the trip in the next installment. TTFN.

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  1. Great Puffin pics Phil, never been to the Farne's and at those prices I probably never will ha ha.