Thursday, 15 December 2016


The unseasonal weather continues with intermittent sunny days that entice one into visions of spring,even the rooks were repairing nests in Pencester Gardens, far too soon.Several Grey Wagtails,two Little Egrets and a Chiff Chaff were enjoying the sunshine there too.


A stroll along the Admiralty Pier found the usual suspects plus this adult Mediterranean Gull on the water.There is a large wintering population on the East Cliff at Folkestone and they are becoming more common elsewhere too.

Following the murkiest Tuesday at Samphire Hoe I was in need of a long walk in the sun on Wednesday and walked along the foreshore at Sandwich Bay,Velvet Scoters were in evidence on the tide flow and when they drifted too far they would take to the air fly downtide,land, recommence feeding and repeat the process over again.
VELVET SCOTERS can be identified by the white scapulars on the wings

VELVET SCOTERS winter visitors from Baltic regions and further afield

SANDERLING followed by a single TURNSTONE

LET SLEEPING SCOTERS LAY.The loose flocks the largest I counted at 76 individuals were all it seemed female or immature.
COMMON SCOTERS were mostly asleep but I found this one awake.
LAPLAND BUNTING on Princes Golf Course.

On the way home at SUTTON I couldn`t resist this gorgeous sunset.

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  1. Great blog as usual Phil and cracking photos. Best wishes for Christmas ans the New Year.Keeeep Blogging.