Monday, 24 August 2015


 If I had a favourite butterfly,the Adonis Blue would be up there,when you see a freshly emerged male there is no mistaking it and when the sun catches the wing just right it is definitely electric blue and no mistake.

ADONIS BLUE note the black in the white margin.

COMMON BLUE- a violet blue with no black in the white margin.
CHALKHILL BLUE a very pale blue when seen in flight and larger than the other two.

All three of these can be seen locally at the moment,you may also see another pale blue butterfly in your garden if there is holly or ivy nearby, the HOLLY BLUE is enjoying a comparatively good summer this year.

Further afield Oare Marsh near Faversham is always a good venue at this time of year for a wader or two.

 AVOCETS can be seen all year round now at Oare
 Whereas this diminutive WHITE RUMPED SANPIPER is a vagrant from the American continent.
The last one I saw was in Tierra Del Fuego!
Autumn migration is well underway now and this SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was at Langdon Hole last weekend,and this one was at Temple Ewell in the week.
Temple Ewell was also the spot for these butterfly gems in the week.


SWIFTS are one of the first of our summer visitors to leave our shores,most will be gone by mid August.
LITTLE EGRET at Rest Harrow Scrape Sandwich.

 This rather elegant SPOTTED REDSHANK was also seen at Rest Harrow Scrape.

 PIED FLYCATCHER One of two juveniles seen at Langdon Cliffs yesterday.

 SHORT EARED OWLS have been seen this weekend at Sandwich Bay.

Finally this GOLDEN PLOVER was also seen there yesterday afternoon.
I  nearly forgot,no I did forget about a close encounter with a young stoat at Dungeness on Friday morning:-

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  1. Great selection Phil. Those Adonis Blue colours are hard to beat.