Wednesday, 22 July 2015


On Tuesday afternoon Colin Johnson arrived at Samphire Hoe with photos of a butterfly he had found at St Margarets earlier that day,it was apparent that it was either a Large Tortoishell or the Scarce( yellow legged)Tortoishell.
This morning I got there at about 8.30 there was no sign of it at first but patience paid dividends as just before 9 it suddenly appeared high in the buddleia,I immediately checked the leg colour-black-so Large Tortoishell for certain.I`ve only seen one before,and that was  in France and  was very worn and faded so this was a first for the U.K for me,they are thought to be almost extinct in Britain so this was quite exciting.
There now follows a sequence of photographs for your perusal,unfortunately this was not a pristine creature and had several chunks of wing missing,but nobody`s perfect as they say:-

Well done Colin a great find and keep checking the buddleias folks

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