Wednesday, 15 October 2014


On Tuesday while at Samphire Hoe reports were coming in from Dungeness and St Margarets of a massive fall of Ring Ouzels,we found a paltry two.
Today a fairly late start found me in Langdon Hole just after 9, in the big field near the coastguard station I could see ten ouzels feeding,they soon decamped back into the Hole though.As usual they were ever alert and easily spooked by the slightest movement anywhere near them.Patience was the order of the day and with more luck than judgement I eventually got reasonably close to one individual.

 The good crop of hawthorn berries will hopefully keep them in situ for a few days.

Also seen today were a couple of unusual birds for the Hole in Tree Sparrow and Bullfinch plus the more familiar ravens, yellowhammers, corn buntings,linnets,goldfinches,chiff chaffs,blackcaps  robins,wrens,tits and dunnocks,a couple of stonechats put in an appearance and a few swallows are still about.A very pleasant morning was had by all.
Yesterday the WAVERLEY sailed past Samphire Hoe,the light was very poor and only had my Lumix with me
A few other photos from the last week in no particular category.
DRILLING RIG Being towed down channel on Sunday morning.

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