Saturday, 24 August 2013


Tis a very soggy Saturday morning so thought it was time to update the blog, its mainly butterflies again but things are slowly picking up on the bird front,and some autumn flowers are beginning to bloom.

 The lone white letter hairstreak was still showing at South Foreland .

 Second generation speckled wood and common blue are doing well
 Only 22 miles to go matey,another channel swim starts from Samphire Hoe.

 House martins gathered on the sea wall,44 active nests were found on the cliffs at the Hoe this summer.

 Several Jersey Tiger moths have been seen
 Clouded Yellow butterflies are enjoying the warm weather
 as are the Painted Ladies.
 Another jersey tiger
 ST MARGARETS BAY from Lighthouse Down

 155 SMALL TORTOISHELLS were counted on the butterfly transect on Tuesday,
 a single SMALL BLUE found at Langdon Cliffs
 AUTUMN GENTIANS on the cliffs.
 This very pale Clouded Yellow was seen at Samphire Hoe on Friday
I walked into the Warren on Friday in the hope of catching a glimpse of a Grayling ,I stopped off at the site where we used to pitch our tents in the good old days,to sit and eat my lunch,this is the scene that greeted me,a beach party had obviously taken place recently and the debris left for others to enjoy,including smashed up speakers,I have a message for these anti social b******* don`t go to a beauty spot to enjoy yourselves and leave  it like this,take your crap home!

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  1. Hi Phil. What a lovely round up of late summer. I must go to Lydden to see the DBScabious and catch the autumn gentian. Agree about the rubbish. Makes my blood boil. I picked up rubbish at a beauty spot on Saturday (discarded debris of a picnic no doubt). We need to tackle this as a society, a community. Need less individualism and talk about one's rights, and more community and talk of our responsbilities to the environment and eachother. Mel