Thursday, 25 July 2013


Yesterday morning armed with Mike Hooks directions I set off for Sissinghurst Castle to see the fantastic Golden Ringed Dragonfly,but first with unfinished business in Ham Street an hours stop there for Silver Washed Fritillary paid dividends.
There had been a shower overnight and the grass was pretty wet but the sun was breaking through and butterflies became evident with a pair of SWFs feeding on thistles and eventually they became quite confiding.Gatekeeper and ringlet were also much in evidence.



Below is a female SWF

 MALE SILVER WASHED FRITILLARY below note dark stripes on forewing

 A second male was found nearby nectaring on bramble

 Moving on to Sissinghurst made my way through the crowds down to the lakes where I soon found a pair of GRDs patrolloing a short stretch of the narrow stream,they were not stopping though so tried my luck on the upper stream and that luck was in almost immediately when I spotted a superb specimen perched on a bare stalk overhanging the stream in full sunshine.

A very successful and satisfying morning especially to see the golden ringed dragonflies.


  1. I know that one. They are superb and no doubt you were as happy as I was to get views like this. Great set of shots.

  2. Glad that you found them, seems the GRD were where i saw them before and alsmost looks like the same perches that Marc saw them at Monday. Finally managed a few SWF at Hamstreet late yesterday afternoon although very flighty and a few fights from the males.