Monday, 8 October 2012


Three fruitless Wryneck visits to Hope Point last weekend ended with a puncture in the pouring rain on Monday morning.Beware if you have alloy wheels,the car is jacked up,the nuts are off,but the wheel is welded on and without a club hammer handy you are stuck too,luckily the AA came to the rescue quite quickly.
The car was in for service and MOT on Thursday so I walked the Dour trail from Bushy Ruff to the harbour,it was not very eventful just a southern hawker in Russell Gardens a couple of grey wagtails and three grey herons of note on the river and four common seals hauled up on the old hoverpad in the harbour.
COMMON SEALS Dover Harbour
CORMORANT Wellington Dock
Had another bash at the Wryneck on Friday and Hopeless Point became Hope point once more as the  bird was seen at last,got a few record shots but they give a good idea of the wonderful camouflage


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