Sunday, 27 May 2012


Been to the cliffs both days this weekend,only Langdon Hole on Saturday,but walked to South Foreland today.With temperatures soaring at home the cool easterly breeze on the cliffs was most welcome on saturday lunchtime and in the sunshine I found 5 small blues and another green hairstreak among the dingy skippers and orange tips.

 SMALL BLUE has a wing span of 25mm
This mornings walk to St Margarets was fairly uneventful with just a few whitethroats,a couple of house martins and swallows and a single blackcap on the cliff edge.The most unusual sight was a pair of greylags flying west with a barnacle goose for company.Yellowhammers have been fairly scarce this spring but there were four males singing today.
this one near the coastguard station

and at either side of Fan Bay

there was" a little bit of bread and no cheese"
Reading Tony Morris` blog the other day about LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS,breeding  in the area,well I believe they have been nesting in Dover for some time,this week there have been sightings on the roof of Morrisons,the old telephone exchange and the Dover Discovery Centre where one was seen taking nesting material to the roof despite the prescence of the plastic eagle owls,placed at great expense to deter gulls from nesting on the roof, memo to architect,they aint that daft!
LBB GULLon the Discovery Centre parapet.

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