Sunday, 26 February 2012


Skylarks were singing when I left the car at Langdon Cliffs this morning and down in the Hole,robin dunnock chaffinch wren and great tit were all announcing their territories long tailed and blue tits were also flitting about in the scrub which has been much "tidied up" by the NT since my last visit.
Over on the cliffs fulmars were present and thousands of gulls were resting on the rocks below,mostly herring with a few black backs,I guess the great migration back to their breeding grounds is underway.
Sitting on one of the favoured perches a peregrine falcon allowed unusually close perusal
Judging by the breast plumage I think this is a young bird and I left him still sitting pretty self assured on his rocky outcrop.
At South Foreland a raven put in an appearance and a female bullfinch was seen,more singing in the top wood including a song thrush and wren and the proof of Spring my first primroses of the year were in bloom.

and what I believe to be Winter Aconite

With the first sign of chaffinches on the move and the build up of gull numbers it won`t be long before the wheatears are here,happy days.


  1. Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) indeed. Not native but very pretty all the same.

  2. Better take the expert's opinion on the flowers Phil.

    Roll on spring!