Tuesday, 17 January 2012


After clearing the frost from the windscreen I arrived at Samphire Hoe just as the sun was coming up over France,with the sheep fed I walked along the back track by the railway to Woody Gully where a song thrush was in full song in the warming sunshine,
SONG THRUSH IN FULL VOICE,can you hear him?

This BLACKBIRD was only half hearted in his song.

The LITTLE OWL slept through all  the noise.
After lunch with lifebelts checked my attention was drawn to a now familiar sound : the kronk of a raven right over head at the Dover end of the sea wall.

There followed a fine aerial ballet as the birds circled around

The distinctive wedge shaped tail can be seen here,then the resident peregrine falcons decided they didn`t much like the new noisy neighbours and tried to run them out of town,A long spectacular dogfight ensued over Shakespear Cliff
The action was taking place at quite a distance and was enthralling in the binoculars so this is the only photo of the two together,there was no winner and no blows were struck,can`t wait to see how things pan out.

One sad note was the demise of one of the many RAZORBILLS that have been around recently.....

Thats all folks,see you soon.

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