Thursday, 10 November 2011


As most of you will know a Rough Legged Buzzard has taken up residence at the old gravel works at West Hythe opposite the Roughs appropriately enough.The Roughs are a rough area of ground below the escarpment west of Hythe which are subject to regular landslips and have never been built on for obvious reasons,apart from that is a wartime listening ear which can still be seen but is fenced off these days as it is in a parlous state.I digress,back to the buzzard,while on the phone to Ian Roberts as to where best to see the bird I turned around and there it was 100 yards behind me.
When I found it again it was sat on one of the big earth pyramids being formed on the site,it soon took off and was lost to view.
the first encounter
After this it was a case of wait and see and eventually it came round again,hovering kestrel like and seemingly finding plenty of prey,which is usually small mammals.
The feathered legs from which the name derives can be seen here.
Then it was back to earth again.

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