Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Friday,the last day of the Norfolk trip had been earmarked for Snettisham,the RSPB reserve beloved of TV documentaries where millions of waders come to roost when the tide pushes them of the muddy shores of the Wash.It was the best day of the week weatherwise and I think more species of bird were seen here than the other venues including scaup, spotted redshank,and greenshank.High tide was at 13:52 so we had a while to wait,the channel where the shrimp boats were operating seemed several miles away,so all the hides were visited in turn ,some more than once,and we waited then waited some more,eventually 13:52 arrived and the tide was at its maximum for the day.
13:52pm 21.10.11 THE TIDE IS HIGH,It turned out to be the lowest high tide of the month,(LOL)
Next friday the tide will be up here at the top of the shingle,we did have a good chuckle about it.

MIKE "CANUTE"BRIGGS Our beloved leader. Anyway we did see flocks of knot and golden plover flying about in the distance,so we will have to come back another day for a close up view.

It was decided to give Titchwell another go as a last little treat,it was a lot quieter than the first visit,but there were still a lot of loud people in the island hide so I headed for the beach.



GREY PLOVER Still in summer plumage,just.
I just sat very still on the stump of an old timber groyne and eventually the grey plover came close enough to get some reasonable shots.

This OYSTERCATCHER too came within range.

TITCHWELL BEACH LOOKING EAST from the ruins of the old pill box,you can just make out my old groyne,if you`ll pardon the expression in the middle ground.
A superb trip enjoyed by all  a big thankyou to Mike&Lesley, and finally a message to Steve and Liz,Martin and I" WILL" beat you at crib one day.

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  1. Jill Ryan Browne10 October 2013 at 20:29

    Hi Phil - I came across your site while idly browsing, as one does....hope you don't mind me contacting you,but I'm wondering if you'd be interested to know about our holiday home at Snettisham Beach. It's about 20 mins walk from the reserve - and also has a Victorian railway carriage hidden inside - I see that steam trains are another of your interests.
    If you'd fancy having a look at our website, the address is - there's a virtual tour which would give you a good idea of what it's like. Sleeps 2 - 8 people, and is available all year. Best wishes, Jill