Monday, 22 August 2011


If you were a wood pigeon the last thing you would want to see is one of these hurtling down on you at lightning speed,though you probably wouldn`t know much about it.
PEREGRINE FALCON note the needle sharp talons for killing its prey usually in a high speed mid air attack.The seriously hooked bill is used for plucking and tearing meat from the dead unfortunate.
This bird is probably a male or TIERCEL,smaller than the more robust female .
After this it was back to the more gentile surroundings of Temple Ewell downs for Silver Spotted Skippers and Adonis Blues,Devils bit scabious and Autumn ladies tresses.
ADONIS BLUE the most vibrant colour that is difficult to capture and do justice to.

SILVER SPOTTED SKIPPER on a field scabious

SMALL COPPER nectaring on wild marjoram.

The white spiral of AUTUMN LADIES TRESSES.
 COMMON BLUE (left) AND ADONIS BLUE underwing comparison.Note the black veins extending into white margin on Adonis,

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  1. Nice shots. Those Adonis colours are magical.