Friday, 4 March 2011


Thursday lunchtime the sun appeared and Iwas distracted by the bright green of a male greenfinch in the garden,he sat quite happily soaking up the sun`s rays while the window was opened and the lens poked out,and his portrait was taken.
He was not so tolerant of a chaffinch that tried to get on the same perch.

The chaffinch had to find alternative accommodation.
The greenfinch was unimpressed and turned his back on the chaffinch.
It was in fact a different greenfinch but it was a good story.
After lunch had to go to Hythe so took the opportunity to see the purple sandpipers on thr rock groynes opposite the Imperial.

After this went to Dymchurch churchyard to try for the northern long tailed tits.Eventually they turned up briefly showing before disappearing again as quickly as they had appeared.In the meantime was entertained by a great spotted woodpecker overhead .

NOTHERN LONG TAILED TIT(NOTE THE ALL WHITE HEAD)the british version has black on the head.

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