Thursday, 10 February 2011


The car was in for new brake pads on monday so I did my walk along the Dour again, not quite so many birds this time around but a pair of tree creepers,a goldcrest and a great spotted woodpecker in Kearsney  Abbey plus a mistle thrush in full song were good and three male tufted ducks remain in Bushy Ruff also there were three grey herons and a little egret.Grey wagtails were down to only three this time but a water rail in Pencester Gardens,right in the middle of town ,was a new sighting,although it has been there all winter.Finally the long staying scaup is still in residence sharing the dock with about 15 coots, four moorhens ,and a couple of little grebes.It was another murky grey day so the camera stayed in the bag but I did get an equally murky water rail shot.
Tuesday was as bright as a button,Samphire Hoe was warm and sunny but almost devoid of birds only one stonechat has remained over the winter and the black redstarts are still absent without leave.


I was told on Tuesday evening that a red breasted goose had been seen at Rest Harrow Scrape that afternoon, so before heading for Dunge, which was my plan for the day I had a quick trip to Sandwich,no joy there unfortunately, and there is no mention of the bird on the SBBO web site yet,come on Ray send your photos in.
Arrived much later than planned at Dunge and only went to the ARC pits and RSPB Reserve.Plenty of ducks present with male smew and goldeneye stealing the show, a single male pintail was not far behind in the beauty contest.
In the Dengemarsh hide the red necked grebe was sighted distantly,then it slowly and surely paddled and dived a bit closer until it was in front of the hide,still a fair way off but close enough to get some reasonable shots off.(the usual murky light excuses apply!)
RED NECKED GREBE a tinge of reddy brown could be seen at certain angles as the bird begins to  moult in to breeding plumage
R N GREBE WITH POCHARD for size comparison.

A late posting from the trip to Huddersfield last month, culdn`t resist a photo with my boyhood political hero Harold Wilson,sans pipe and Gannex mac, unfortunately like most politicians he was flawed and eventually let the country down.I didn`t realise he was so big though, or was it just his ego?

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